Saturday, March 5, 2016

The "#LangChat" Experience


On Thursday evening, March 3,  I was able to view the #LangChat conversation about giving students feedback.   It was very interesting, fast-paced, and full of variety!

I was impressed to watch so many experts in Language Acquisition share thoughts, ideas, and feedback of their own with each other.  I was also amazed at how many different threads were going on at the same time.  Being old, and a newbie to Twitter, I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed!

The conversation was full of wonderful ideas but not many of them related to a technology that I could see myself using in class.  Many of the suggestions related to face-to-face contact with students while they speak, or write.  I fully agree with the participants in their evaluations of how important that personal contact is.

There were a few ideas that I think might be very helpful to me to increase the interactions and enthusiasm of my classes, which I love to do!  I will definitely try the Sentence Auction idea where students bet their fake money to say if a sentence is correct or not and if they can correct the wrong ones.  That activity really resonates with me :).    When my students are learning directions, I will also use the idea for blindfolding one and having another give directions on where an item is. or how to toss a ball at it, or other variations.  These will definitely engage my mostly freshman students!

When I have a bit of extra time, I would also like to check out the Organic World Language site that was mentioned and advertised.  It looks like it may be full of great cultural activities.

I will try to take a look at other #LangChat discussions and see what else may be of value to me.  I appreciate the opportunity to try something new and look forward to increasing my knowledge and use of technology.

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