Monday, February 22, 2016

Creating a Teaching Network

As I looked at the first list of blogs I found several to be of interest.
I chose to follow:

1) El Mundo de Birch
   because it included tons of tools for language learners to find and practice information and also
   to create great, simple products with what they learn.

    because it had shared a variety of ways specifically to use iPads which is our school's choice of

3) Bryan Kandel's TPRS
     because it had great ideas for using Google Voice to help students get comfortable with speaking.

I would like to increase my scope, especially using Pinterest, because I am comfortable using it and it has so many great ideas explained in a short easy to use format.  I am sure I will find more as I go and will add them to my network.

I chose to use Feedly because you provided a good tutorial I could follow and it looks easy to navigate with a bit of practice.

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