Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Final Project

An Overview of the Lesson

After my Spanish 2 students finished a unit on reflexive verbs, and took the assessment, I decided to have them put their new knowledge into action.  I planned a project where students would work with a partner to make a story about Daily Routines.  The background was that 2 characters would go through their day form morning to evening.  The story could be written in 1st or 3rd person.

Each student was responsible for taking their own character from beginning to end of the day. The characters were required to meet at school and do some things together.  Besides these few rules, the students had creative freedom to write their story in their own way.  The project had to be done in the Book Creator App which our school provides to the students because I needed to both see and hear the story.

The rubric was placed in Schoology for easy access and reference.  It outlined the requirements for cooperation, creativity, presentation and specific grammar points to be included.  The main focus was proper use of the reflexive verbs. 

Lesson Plans -
The students were given 3 class periods to (75 minutes each) to complete the assignment.
1)  On day 1 - Students chose a partner and were directed to come up with a story board plan with details for their separate characters.  Then they were to create a rough draft of the story, making sure to include all of the grammar elements in the rubric.
2)  On day 2 - They were to edit and perfect their work with teacher assistance. Then, they began to choose images to express their separate characters. 
3)  On day 3 - They added the images to the book, typed the correlating sentences and recorded themselves reading the story to complete the project. They turned their final product in to "La Rutina Diaria" assignment in Schoology.

Lesson Objective -
Correctly use reflexive verbs in a creative way to show your understanding.

SAMR and Standards

On the SAMR model, this project fulfills the Replacement level. It allows the students to use CREATIVITY and to THINK CRITICALLY about how to share the story. They COLLABORATE  with partners to make a quality product  and COMMUNICATE a fun story and share using the grammar required.  They are able to show mastery of all of the 21st Century Skills.

From the ACTFL Standards, the students share information in the target language by both writing and speaking.  They also show a mastery of the grammar required by using verbs correctly and placing words in correct order.

Our school also encourages connection to the ISTE standards.   The Digital Skills that this project addresses include creating an innovative product using digital tools and responsible use of resources.  Each project was required to include a citation list of the copyright free images used in their product.

Student Example

Here is an example of the Book Creator Project entitled "La Rutina Diaria"  by two of my students.
It should be opened in iBooks.
La Rutina Diaria-1.epub

Reflection of Lesson

As I reflect on my lesson,  I believe that I could improve it in a few ways. 
When I have my students create this project next year I will ask them to turn in their rough drafts to me to be edited.  I can then return the drafts the next day after addressing specific needs for individual groups. This will take less precious class time help the students on a more personal level.
I am also thinking about reworking the rubric.  I think the grammar category needs to be divided into more sections so that it is easier for the students to double check the requirements to be fulfilled.

Overall, I believe the lesson went well.  The students enjoyed the project and the chance to express themselves creatively.  They were able to fulfill the requirements and gained experience in using the required grammar and vocabulary.

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